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The retailermakes competitors sweat, but its success can be an example.

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Hot yoga.

Photographer: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Lululemon Athletica Inc. shares are not far off the record they hit in June, and for good reason.

The yoga apparel chain delivered blockbuster first-quarter results and significantly bumped up its earnings guidance for the full year. Plus, square shaped sunglasses Pink amp; Purple Victoria Beckham hF4Yb
, the short-term outlook for clothing retailers is better now than it has been in years, and Lululemon is well-positioned to take advantage.

Upward-Facing Dog

Lululemon's shares have soared this year as it has delivered impressive comparable sales growth

Source: Bloomberg

The recent sizzle at Lululemon makes for a good occasion to step back and acknowledge just what a force it has become in the apparel business —and why that should be simultaneously scary and encouraging for other players in the specialty format.

The Vancouver-based company has done something truly remarkable in the last several years. Despite operating in the hyper-competitive athletic segment and enduring Tote Bag magnolias splender by VIDA VIDA gWsuUpk7UP
of leadership drama , Lululemon’s sales have vaulted past those of some of the most prominent names in the old guard of specialty apparel.

Bypassing the Old Guard

In the latest fiscal year, Lululemon's revenue topped that of some of the biggest names in specialty apparel. The company has said it aims to hit $4 billion in sales by 2020.

Source: Bloomberg, Company reports

Chico's includes White House Black Market and Soma. Ann Taylor and Loft were acquired by Ascena in 2015, which was on a different fiscal calendar. No annual sales results were reported for 2015.

Its revenue still remains below that of some other big chains in the category, including Victoria’s Secret and Gap. But you get the point: Lululemon is not just a disruptor or a spoiler for the industry's big guns. It a big gun, and it is pulling away from some of the names that defined the last two or three decades of mall retailing.

Lululemon, notably, has reached this sales threshold in a healthy way. Ithad just 274stores in the U.S. at the end of the latest quarter, a manageable portfolio in the digital era.And its e-commerce growth in the last quarter was especially strong, hinting that it is gaining momentum in that channel.

Doors Open Milwaukee is a two-day public celebration of Milwaukee’s art, architecture, culture and history. This event offers behind the scenes tours of more than 150 buildings throughout Milwaukee’s downtown and neighborhoods and 40+ ticketed tours led by community leaders.

Stay tuned for 2018 program information coming in July.

How it works


Please note that not all buildings are open for the entire Doors Open event (Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23, 10 am to 5 pm). Please confirm the hours in the building listing before you visit.

Search Buildings by Name or Keyword


Established in 1999, 4 Seasons Skate Park is Wisconsin’s largest indoor skateboard facility offering skateboarding, BMX biking, in-line skating, and scootering. Visitors will have full access to the indoor skate park, where they can explore the facility on self-guided tours.

200 N. 25th St.

5 Points Artist Gallery and Studios is a former area funeral home (Johnson-Goolsby Funeral Services, est. 1980) converted into a mixed-use shared artist space in the Williamsburg Heights/Harambee neighborhoods.

3514 N. Port Washington Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53212

This “green” environmental community center was once a vacant tavern at 37th and Pierce. Designed by Uihlein Wilson Architects, the branch serves 22 south side schools who are clamoring for our Neighborhood Environmental Education Project. Explore the beautiful herbal labyrinth, enjoy walks along the mulched paths, as all of your senses take in the beauty of the garden, sit in the grassy area for a some moments of relaxation! Children are also invited to have some fun with a garden scavenger hunt!

2136 N. 21st St.

Epiphany Lutheran Church, which has been known as All Peoples Gathering Lutheran Church since 1991, however, it was originally built in 1906. All Peoples serves an ethnically and socially diverse population, reflecting a commitment to inclusiveness and social justice. Visitors will experience evidence of a vibrant spiritual community with diverse educational, ecological and social justice outreaches.

2600 N. 2nd Street

Although its doors first opened in 1928, the Ambassador Hotel’s ambitious $14 million restoration in the late 1990’s has served as a cornerstone in the rebirth of the surrounding neighborhood. Visitors will enjoy the option to complete a guided, or self-guided, tour of the property, and see why the Ambassador is once again one of Milwaukee’s premier hotels.

2308 W. Wisconsin Avenue

The Anderson Municipal Building/Lake Tower is a classic example of Art Deco design. Constructed in 1940, it housed the Town of Lake municipal office and water tower. It now serves as an office for the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services. Visitors can participate in a self-guided tour from the lobby through the third floor where they will have a beautiful view of the southern part of Milwaukee County and the downtown skyline.

4001 S. 6th St.

Bay View Printing Co. is a century-old letterpress print shop. Their basement studio houses 12 antique letter-presses and a collection of 300+ wood and lead typefaces. 2017 marks the company’s 100th year in business – join the celebration! Visitors will enjoy guided tours of the space, view the community gallery exhibits, and admire the mural created by 10 local artists on the entire north side of the building in celebration of the event!

2702 S. Howell Avenue, Bay View

First operational as Pabst Brewery’s brewhouse in 1882, this stunning repurpose into the all-suite, extended stay Brewhouse Inn and Suites opened in April, 2013. Visitors may take part in self-guided tours of the original Pabst Brewing floor, which is now The Kettle Atrium, the second floor of the Inn, and may even peek into a guest room.

1215 N. 10th Street

Bublr will offer visitors guided tours of their new space in the Grand Avenue Mall. They will be showing visitors all the work behind the scenes required to keep Bublr rollin’!

275 West Wisconsin Ave.

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered to be the most important architect of the past 100 years. His life-long passion was to design beautiful and affordable houses for all Americans. The Burnham Block consists of two bungalows and four duplexes; the largest concentration of Wright homes on a single block. The B1 home is filled with Wright designed and inspired furniture created to fit the scale of the home. This cluster of Mr. Wright’s rare collection of homes came to a halt due to the start of WWI. Model B1, a museum house, and one duplex, currently under restoration will be available for docent lead tour.

2714 W. Burnham Street
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414-277-7795 MackieBuilding 235 E Michigan St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Brown Political Review

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Julian D. Jacobs

A ristotle famously began the Nicomachean Ethics with a declaration : “Every art and every investigation, and likewise every practical pursuit or undertaking, seems to aim at some good.” He contends that a “final good” must exist in order to surmount the difficulties that would arise from an endless regress of ‘good things.’ Aristotle concludes that“what is the highest of all goods that action can achieve…[is] Happiness.” In many respects, this ethical pronouncement provides the philosophical foundation for the utilitarianism advocated by Jeremy Bentham and, to some degree, John Stuart Mill. If the final end of human action, as Aristotle claimed, is “happiness,” it follows that the institution of a political state – a product of human action – also aims at happiness.

Under utilitarian philosophy, a “good” government is only “good” as long as its policies maximize happiness. The implications of this for fiscal policy are clear: Any evaluation of a government’sinterferenceinthe market ought to be assessed by whether such interference maximizes collective happiness. Moreover, utilitarians would contend that the emphasis on a free market for the sake of a free market compels governments to behave in ways directly contrary to happiness (or utility, as Bentham and Mill termed it).

At first glance, utilitarian thought may seem to direct state leaders to institute egalitarian policies and ensure that everyone has roughly the same income; however, this is not the case. Although the law of diminishing marginal utility on income provides a justification for redistribution in a limited capacity, utilitarians tend to recognize that economic liberties and competition are essential to increasing state wealth.

And yet, in their advocacy of economic liberties, utilitarians distinguish themselves from other schools of political thought by contending that market freedom is only good insofar as it promotes maximum public utility. Consequently, a utilitarian government can justly interfere in the market when such action promotes higher utility for all of society by preventing market-borne infringements on economic freedom and negative externalities.

Although it is difficult to define utility, it seems clear that economic growth and increased standards of living are essential goods that work toward the end of increasing collective happiness. As a result, utilitarians find Adam Smith’s classical liberal emphasis on economic freedom compelling because the vision of a free market that he advocated has raised the floor for the average quality of life.

Is incorporation right for you? Find out with this comprehensive article on the ins and outs of forming a corporation.
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Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.

The term corporation comes from the Latin corpus , which means body . A corporation is a body--it is a legal person in the eyes of the law. It can bring lawsuits, can buy and sell property, contract, be taxed, and even commit crimes. It's most notable feature: a corporation protects its owners from personal liability for corporate debts and obligations--within limits. The corporation is considered an artificially created legal entity that exists separate and apart from those individuals who created it and carry on its operations. With as little as one incorporator, a corporation can be formed by simply filing an application for a charter with the respective state. By filing this application, the incorporator will put on record facts, such as:

Why Incorporate? It is true that operating as a corporation has its share of drawbacks in certain situations. For example, as a business owner, you would be responsible for additional record keeping requirements and administrative details. More important, in some cases, operating as a corporation can create an additional tax burden. This is the last thing a business owner needs, especially in the early stages of operation. Remember, aside from tax reasons, the most common motivation for incurring the cost of setting up a corporation is the recognition that the shareholder is not legally liable for the actions of the corporation. This is because the corporation has its own separate existence wholly apart from those who run it. However, let's examine three other reasons why the corporation proves to be an attractive vehicle for carrying on a business.

Why Incorporate?

Advantages of Incorporating

TD Bank

3 Ways Millennials Approach Small-Business Ownership Differently

By TD Bank

Disadvantages of Incorporating

To start the process of incorporating, contact the secretary of state or the state office that is responsible for registering corporations in your state. Ask for instructions, forms and fee schedules on business incorporation. It is possible to file for incorporation without the help of an attorney by using books and software to guide you along. Your expense will be the cost of these resources, the filing fees, and other costs associated with incorporating in your state. If you do file for incorporation yourself, you'll save the expense of using a lawyer, which can cost from $500 to $1,000. The disadvantage of going this route is that the process may take you some time to accomplish. There's also a chance you could miss some small but important detail in your state's law. You may also choose to use an incorporation service company to prepare and file the documents with the state.

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